YouMap Certified Coach Program





An 8-Week Program with 16 total hours of Virtual Interactive Classroom Instruction.
Kerri Twigg, Career Coach & Job Search Strategist, TEDx Speaker, 2018 LinkedIn Top Voice


During this 8-week program, you will:
  • Learn how to coach with YouMap® with a variety of clients such as employees, students, entrepreneurs, career changers, job seekers, life coaching, personal branding coaching and more
  • Learn how to debrief and coach clients, employees or students on strengths, values, preferred skills and personality-based interests
  • Receive in-depth strengths coaching training, including practice debriefs with feedback
  • Receive training on our proprietary driver/passenger/fuel exercise to help clients discover their driving and supporting strengths and reveal their "strengths personas"
  • Participate in interactive discussions and training on values and preferred skills identification
  • Receive training on personality-based interests and career types
  • Learn how to help clients create a Unique Contribution statement (value proposition)
  • Learn how to help clients create "deal makers" and "deal breakers" for decision-making based on their YouMap® profile
  • Receive your own personalized YouMap® profile
  • Receive 1:1 business strategy coaching (post-certification) to help you launch your YouMap® coaching business (no additional cost)
  • Receive a "business-in-a-box" complete with a client proposal template, marketing videos, sell sheets, all client materials and coachee workbooks customized by client type, such as entrepreneurs, corporate employees, students, career changers, life coaching clients and more
 100% of YouMap® certified coaches say they would recommend the program. Following are comments from the YouMap® Coach post-certification survey:
“Having spent nearly $10K for a coaching certification in the past, I would say that I feel I walked away with more value, greater knowledge, and feeling more equipped with practical tools studying YouMap, vs. my really expensive coaching certification. YouMap is a world-class certification.” 
"I love how the process brings all the pieces together in a cohesive 'YouMap' that the client can understand and use."
"Becoming a Career/Life Coach has been a strong desire of mine for some time; the YouMap Tool has all the components to deliver a robust Career/Life Assessment to all that encounter it."
"As Kristin had mentioned on numerous occasions, this is a business in a box - ready to go!"
"Kristin Sherry, is a phenomenal Creator of such a profound and resourceful Career/Life Guide. Sherry is an excellent Facilitator of her work, she's able to transfer the information in the way to ensure insight and support of the growth of each participate to be successful YouMap Coaches".
"All of the information shared will be utilized; the book, the website, the links, the YouTube videos, the lectures and all of the assignments and notes will be essential as I deliver future Coachings."
"YouMap will allow me to serve my clients better and more holistically."
"Practical, easy to understand information that is immediately useful."
"The information is invaluable for people who need to be more clear about who they are and how they want to show up in life!"
"The material works."
"The material is practical. I immediately felt better equipped to serve others as information was reviewed in each class session."
"You make the process fun and provide real world examples for each step in the training process."
"What I needed to provide a process with proven results."