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You've Got Values!

Book two in the one-of-a-kind series helps elementary-aged children discover their values!
You've Got Values
You've Got Values! Gold Recipient of the Mom's Choice Awards® is the second in four self-discovery books for kids and is authored by Lila Smith and Kristin Sherry.
Katarina is a woodland fairy who loves to show children what makes them unique. Because she values fun, she dazzles children with whimsy, wonder, and “Fairy Magic!”
This enchanting fairy friend guides six schoolmates on a journey of self-discovery, teaching them the importance of knowing their own values.
Katarina explains how values guide their lives and help them make good decisions, including choosing their friends wisely, and deciding what activities to be a part of.
Values can even help them find a career they will enjoy someday! Katarina builds confidence in each child by uncovering what’s most important to them.
Evelyn, Ki, Emma Lucía, Daphne, Jax, and Jacob learn and celebrate values like independence, empathy, fairness, honesty, and generosity.
You've Got Skills!
Coming July 15, 2021
You've Got Personality!
Coming November 11, 2021
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