Self-Discovery for Kids

A one-of-a-kind four-book series to help elementary-aged children discover their strengths, values, skills and personality!
You've Got Gifts! 
Releases November 10, 2020
"It is very important for students to see that everyone does not look like them BUT everyone has unique qualities that make them special. I look forward to future books by Kristin Sherry." - Christy Norwood - Elementary School Principal
You've Got Gifts! is the first in four self-discovery books for kids. Katarina the woodland fairy teaches Evelyn that everyone is born with unique talents. Our talents are like gifts we unwrap and use to help ourselves and others and we all need a little help figuring out our special gifts. Katarina takes Evelyn on a journey of self-discovery, presenting her with beautifully wrapped packages from which each talent magically emerges in a burst of fairy dust.
​Children will be delighted as they join Evelyn to discover their own unique gifts and work with a parent, teacher, or caregiver to build their TalentStory™ to increase their confidence through self-awareness.
You've Got Values!
co-authored by Lila Smith
Coming March 11, 2021
You've Got Skills!
Coming July 15, 2021
You've Got Personality!
Coming November 11, 2021
"Just like adults can learn about tapping into their own unique strengths and having the confidence to be great, kids can too. I can see this book being used in small group counseling, in classrooms, and at home to talk to kids about their strengths and the aspects of their strengths that need to be channeled." 
-Robyn Koslowitz, Ph.D., Director, The Targeted Parenting Institute
"A very cool story with lots of learnings and good morals in it." –Craig Smith, bestselling author of The Wonky Donkey (millions of copies sold)