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You've Got Personality!

Book four in the one-of-a-kind series helps elementary-aged children discover their personality!
You've Got Personality
You've Got Personality! 
Released November 11, 2021

You've Got Personality! is the fourth of four self-discovery books for kids and is authored by Kristin Sherry.

A group of friends arrive in Bramble forest where a magical friend guides them to discover their personalities.

In You’ve Got Personality!, young readers gain confidence through self-awareness as they learn how their personalities shape their likes and dislikes and explore the kinds of careers that fit who they are.

Parents, teachers, and caregivers can use the activities in the back of the book to help children recognize and understand their personality, and explore careers they will enjoy.

In You've Got Personality! we'll meet Evelyn's cousins, new friends, and see a few old ones too!

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