You've Got Skills!

Book three in the one-of-a-kind four-book series to help elementary-aged children discover their strengths, values, skills and personality!
You've Got Skills! 
Releases July 15, 2021
You've Got Skills! is the third in four self-discovery books for kids and is authored by Kristin Sherry.
Katarina is a woodland fairy who loves to show children what makes them unique. 
This enchanting fairy friend guides Evelyn to realized she is not too little to learn new skills.
Katarina explains a skill is an ability that comes from practice. Some skills are very hard to learn and some are easier. Evelyn must be willing to work hard and not give up!
You've Got Personality!
Coming November 11, 2021

In You've Got Skills!, we'll meet more of Evelyn's family, including her musician brothers, Tristan and Justin!