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Maximize 365

A Year of Actionable Tips to Transform Your Life.


"365 is your playbook to shift your mindset and creatively solve problems to improve your life in the most important areas."


–Beth Comstock, author, Imagine It Forward and Forbes' Top 100 Most Powerful Women

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Maximize 365 Book

Maximize 365

Maximize 365 will guide you to increased personal growth, satisfaction, and success. Daily tips in the areas of relationships, health and wellness, career, finances, and spirituality will help you level up your life. International bestselling author Kristin A. Sherry contributes over a decade of executive and career coaching expertise along with a treasure chest of actionable advice from additional experts.

Each daily topic is supported by an inspiring quote and specific ideas for action to realize immediate progress. From building wealth and passive income, productive approaches to conflict, discovering your purpose and leaving a legacy, to advancing your career, and a wide range of topics in between, Maximize 365 will help you transform and grow the vital areas of your life.

Coloring Journal

Maximize 365 Companion Coloring Journal

Inspiration and information without application won’t lead you to transformation!

TheMaximize 365 Coloring Journal is a companion resource to the book Maximize 365: A year of actionable tips to transform your life.

The coloring journal helps you apply the ideas for action in Maximize 365. It can be enjoyed as a stand-alone resource, or in combination with the book to realize your full potential, holistically, in the areas of health and wellness, spirituality, relationships, career, and finances.

The Maximize 365 Coloring Journal includes themed coloring sheets (which are incredibly relatable and inspirational), motivating original author quotes, space for journaling and reflection. Also included are coaching prompts to deepen insight and take inspired action to maximize every area of your life!

This one-of-a-kind coloring journal will help guide you to achieve personal growth, self-care, relaxation, stress management, emotional well-being, and goal attainment. Ready to Maximize your 365?

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