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The World Must Be YouMap'd™

Our Vision:
To lead people to live and work with intention.

Our Mission:
We create clarity and intention through practical and actionable self-discovery.

About YouMap®

Every person is unique and no two YouMap® profiles are ever the same. YouMap® releases people from labels and boxes and offers a foundation for you to thrive. 
YouMap®  reveals four key pillars that drive people's priorities, beliefs, motivation, and interests. When the four pillars are aligned, life and work are good. When misaligned, stress, conflict and burn out occur.
What is YouMap

What is YouMap®?

YouMap® is a comprehensive, intuitive, actionable framework of self-discovery, revealing strengths, values, motivating skills, and personality-based interests. The personalized profile and supporting guides assist professional and personal use for groups and individuals from team building, hiring, career guidance, conflict management, self-development, and more.

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"My client was convinced that he needed to make a career change. He was miserable at a job he had been in for seven years but didn't know what else to do. After looking at his YouMap® and going through coaching, it was evident that it wasn't his job that was his issue; it was his boss violating his values. He was a great fit for the role. Now he is looking for a new job in the same industry in a similar role and ensuring he has the proper support from a boss."

- Shelley Piedmont, Certified YouMap® Coach

Why YouMap
Career Innovator Award

“I, along with my partners, decided to each get certified in different tools so our firm could offer a suite of services.

I started researching and was looking at five certifications a week. Once I got to YouMap® I stopped looking. I showed it to my partners and they said, ‘Well, we want to get certified in this, too. It has everything we're trying to do in one tool.'"


Divorce Coach

Why YouMap®?


Assessments must be actionable not just interesting.

  • Built with practical application in mind

  • Turns insights to actions

  • Leads people to So what? and Now what? 

  • Six customized guides with ideas for action

  • Reduces time to grasp priorities and needs of employees, clients, students, or yourself

  • Easy-to-understand profile that doesn't read like theory

  • Immediate "a-ha" moments

  • Offers a robust, holistic view

  • Doesn't put people in boxes

  • Appropriate for use where one-dimensional assessments are not, like hiring

  • Audiences: Corporate/Non-profit. Job Seekers/Career Changers, Life Coaching, Military Vets, Students, Entrepreneurs

Work with Intention
Live with Intention

Work with Intention

YouMap® creates clarity through simple yet profound 'a-ha' moments that become the catalyst for positive change at work:

Leaders: Hire, onboard, train, develop, retain and offboard associates effectively.

Job seekers: Clarity of focus and a stronger brand.

Career explorers & changers: Get on the path to greater satisfaction and purpose.


Business owners: Insight into strengths and challenges affecting your growth and impact. Target and serve customers better.


Growth-minded professionals: Take ownership of your growth through meaningful, actionable self-discovery. 


“The key difference I've found between YouMap® and any other model is actionable guidance; it illuminates the path forward in a single tool to uncover aptitude, motivation, and strengths. YouMap takes self-knowledge to the next level by focusing on how to apply that knowledge to benefit yourself, your team, your customers, and your organization.”



Senior Training Manager, Genentech


“I wanted to get something tangible in clients' hands. Something that affirms who they are, even if they couldn’t see it at first. Many of my clients feel stuck and languishing, and this tool shows them what might be wrong AND a path forward.

Having a MAP of themselves has built their confidence and changed their belief about what they have to offer the world, AND created hopeful conversation toward a path forward.

I’m getting answers for clients that may have taken many sessions and lots of trial and error.”

Nicholle C.

Health & Emotional Wellness Coach

Live with Intention

Overwhelmed? Burned-out? Lost? Grieving? Dissatisfied? In conflict?


YouMap® reveals 'a-ha' moments in a non-threatening way and creates a catalyst for positive change in your life:

Purpose-seeking: Divorced, retired, empty-nester, stay-at-home caregiver, or anyone seeking more in life.

Overcoming: Change, loss, or unexpected circumstances? Self-awareness is your first step.

Confidence-building: Self-doubt to full-blown imposter-syndrome, see yourself  objectively and increase your confidence.

Relationship-building: Spouses, partners, family, friends, and more. Gain insight into conflict and commonalities.

Personal-development: Grow or wither. You get to choose. Capitalize on your assets, release the negative self-talk weaknesses create. Align your life with intention.


I feel like so many people, and just society in general, focus on  the problems with you and 'How can we fix these problems?' No one ever focuses on 'You have so much potential to give society.'

It was the first time focusing on what's right with me. I don't have to be in the dark any more or feel like I'm lesser than other people."

OLIVER, High School Student

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Study with Intention

YouMap® creates clarity during the most stressful time in students' lives - making major decisions that affect their future:

Who am I?

We can't make decisions aligned to our strengths, values, motivating skills and interests if we don't know what they are.

Is college right for you? 

Some students become needlessly tied to stressful student debt when they're not likely to choose a path that requires traditional education.

Did you know…?
80% of students change majors three times on average 

50% of recent grads regret their choice of major

50% of students don’t know what to do with their major
75% of grads don’t know what positions fit them

17% of students find their college career center helpful

YouMap® addresses these concerns and equips students in career choices and success in job interviews after graduation through demonstration of higher self-awareness than other candidates.


Watch 14-year-old Oliver discuss his YouMap® with coach Cynthia Coufal.

“In my last job I had a lot of mixed feelings. There were things I really liked about the job, but it wasn't the work I wanted to be doing. After using the YouMap® process to discover my strengths it helped me focus on the type of job I was looking for. After I was at my new job about a year-and-a-half I got totally surprised by a promotion, which was really nice, and just an affirmation that, 'Yeah, you're on the right track, you're doing a good job. We appreciate you.’”


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