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Misunderstood: Introduction

Updated: May 17

If you’re human, you’ve been misunderstood.

Your motivations and intentions were questioned. Maybe it left you feeling confused, crushed, or even angry. Let me share a plot twist right at the outset. You misunderstand people and leave them feeling confused, crushed, or angry, too - even if you don’t know it.

We can all do better, and this “Misunderstood” blog series will help.

I will explain, in depth, how and why interpersonal wires get crossed and what to do to lessen their frequency – whether you’re the maker or the taker in a misunderstanding – by teaching you how to build bridges through understanding based on the YouMap® framework.

This information is life-changing. I can’t promise it will change others, but it can change you and that’s the key factor to gain personal peace in any relationship.

How are you often misunderstood?

Share with me in the comments and I might unpack your example in an upcoming post to offer more insight (not sharing anyone's identity, of course).

Image credit: Simran Sood

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