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Dora the Career Explorer Got Lost!

Dora the Career Explorer got lost. Are you like Dora? These tips can help.

First, diagnose where your career dissatisfaction is breaking down: strengths, values, skills, or interest misalignment.

1. If your #strengths align, you feel like you're using your talents each day and your work is challenging but very doable when you lean on your ability. If not, you'll feel unchallenged or in over your head.

2. When your #values align, your job, manager, and culture you work in should not cause moral or ethical dilemmas and what's most important to you is honored (honesty, team work, respect, enjoyment, growth, are sample values).

3. If you feel chronically exhausted and drained, you might be using "burn out" #skills. Maybe you're even good at them - but you don't like them.

4. If your work doesn't seem to mesh with your career #interests (examples: a thinker, a helper, a persuader, a creator, a doer, an organizer) you may not be aligned with how you're wired. Download the worksheets here at to assess these areas.

Dora is well on her way to #career #fulfillment.

Grab your back pack, let's go! Vamonos! #YouMap

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