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Purple Unicorns

"I thought recruiters want purple unicorns? Why can't I get hired?"

The #1 reason people don't get hired is failure to differentiate themselves. That's hard to do without insights into your unique value.

Once you know what makes you stand out, it's important to communicate it with clarity and consistency in:

📣 Networking conversations

📣 Cover letters

📣 Resumes

📣 LinkedIn profiles

📣 Interviews

Let's play name that brand!

Can you think of:

➡️A soft drink brand?

➡️A luxury car brand?

➡️A shoe brand?

Easy, right?

🔥Now, three words to describe YOUR brand?


If so, you have some work to do!

Your brand should be more important to you than anyone else's. Invest in YOU! #YouMap

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