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The World Must Be YouMap'd™

Featured Testimonial:
YouMap® Brings Clarity

Our Vision:
To lead people to live and work with intention.

Our Mission:
We create clarity and intention through practical, actionable, self-discovery.

Winner of the 2020 Career Innovator Award, YouMap® is a one-of-a-kind self-discovery profile - a map of you! The assessment includes 6 workbook variations to achieve career and life goals.​

"My client was convinced that he needed to make a career change. He was miserable at a job he had been in for seven years but didn't know what else to do. After looking at his YouMap® and going through coaching, it was evident that it wasn't his job that was his issue; it was his boss violating his values. He was a great fit for the role. Now he is looking for a new job in the same industry in a similar role and ensuring he has the proper support from a boss."

- Shelley Piedmont, Certified YouMap® Coach

Career Innovator Award
Intro to YouMap

Intro to YouMap®

A life-changing book. A holistic online assessment. A one-of-a-kind certification.

YouMap®: An award-winning profile which includes a companion workbook for employees, enterpreneurs, job seekers and career changers, students, life coaching, and military veterans to turn insights into practical action.

About the YouMap Creator - Kristin Sherry

The YouMap® Creator - Kristin Sherry

Kristin A. Sherry is the author and creator of YouMap®. She is a bestselling and award-winning author, globally recognized career expert, and creator of the YouMap® profile, a 2020 Career Innovator Award recipient (Career Directors International).

She is the managing partner of YouMap LLC, which certifies coaches, consultants, leaders, career services and HR professionals as YouMap® coaches and facilitators.
Kristin is the author of international bestseller, YouMap
, and a 2020 Pencraft award-winner in business for her management book, Your Team Loves Mondays...Right?

Her most recent book, Ready, Set, Coach!, co-authored with Board Certified Executive Coach Judi Spear, hit #1 bestseller in Consulting on Amazon in four countries and was awarded Best Career Book of 2023 Runner-up by the Indie Book Awards, the world's largest Indie award. Kristin & Judi's combined 40 years of experience helps coaches and consultants build a thriving practice.

Kristin is the author of Mom's Choice Awards® Gold children's books You've Got Gifts!, You've Got Values! (co-authored by Lila Smith), You've Got Skills!, You've Got Personality!, You've Got Quirks: And You're Wonderful!, and the 2021 Motivational Book of the Year, Maximize 365 (Indie Book Awards).

What is YouMap®?

YouMap® is a holistic assessment profile and framework that is a foundation of self-awareness for endless personal and professional uses. The framework is based on four key pillars of you:

What is YouMap?
Why YouMap?

Why YouMap®?

The intuitive YouMap® profile radically reduces the time it takes coaches, consultants, and leaders to get to know clients or employees, offering deep insight to help people reach their career or personal life goals.

The assessment includes a comprehensive workbook loaded with practical exercises. Entrepreneur, Job Seeker & Career Changer, Life, Corporate, Military Veteran and Student workbooks are available.


YouMap® turns insight into action, guiding users to the "So what?" and "Now what?" - which people want and expect, yet most other assessments do not deliver.

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